Pierre Chareau - Un architecte moderne à Paris - Denis Doria - Editions Michel de Maule

Denis Doria

Pierre Chareau
Un architecte moderne de Paris à New-York

With the participation of Marie-Odile Sence
Foreword by Françoise Dalbet-Martin
Interventions by Arlette Despond-Barré, Sophie Doria and Raphaèle Billé
Photographs by Michael Carapetian, Mark Lyon, Ecl’art and Studio Andréani
Print run 1500 copies
480 pages of text, 64 color plates
Size: 15.5 cm x 24 cm
Binding: Paperback
Completed print: October 2016
Editions Michel de Maule
Collection The Studiolo directed by Thierry de la Croix
Code EAN: 9782876236516
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A major creator of the 20th century, an attractive and complex personality, a lover of art in furniture, decorator, interior designer and master builder, Pierre Chareau loved to surround himself with creators from other disciplines, painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, novelists and also artisans. Thus, from the first years of his encounter with the skilled metalworker Louis Dalbet and fortified by the close cooperation that united them, the creator and the artisan developed the formal vocabulary for the work to come. Pierre Chareau invented; Louis Dalbet placed his knowhow in service to the creation. Based on the meticulous study and attentive examination of hitherto unpublished and unused documents, a substantial part of this publication is devoted to this collaboration. It seemed to us, nevertheless that there was further material to explore, diving once more into the archives of Louis Dalbet. Françoise Dalbet-Martin, Louis Dalbet’s granddaughter, allowed us to complete this project. Beyond the documented confirmation of the use of metal, both in the work of the creator of furniture and in the work of the architect, the analysis and publication of these documents opens a unique perspective on Pierre Chareau’s working method. In the work of Pierre Chareau, modernity does not vie with tradition; it is fully embedded in its era, in the changes of mindset, perception, and lifestyles imposed by the period. The character of the creator is inseparable from his life, the starting point for his work. Another part of this new publication is devoted to the life and work of Pierre Chareau during his American exile, from his arrival in New York in October 1940 until his death in East-Hampton on 24th August 1950.